The Roadstars – Bad Touch and Broken Witt Rebels – ABC 02, Glasgow 18.03.17

Review by Ross Muir of FabricationHQ–bad-touch—o2-abc2-glasgow.html

Broken Witt Rebels play as part of the Rebels Tour at the ABC 02 Glasgow

I was fortunate to attend the ABC 02 academy in Argyle Street, Glasgow to photograph Bad Touch and Broken Witt Rebels.  I have met the BWR lads last year at King Tuts and you can see this in my previous post click here.

You will notice that i do not have any Bad Touch images which has been really upsetting as i captured some really awesome shots of the band who were fantastic . I also do not have the first few songs from BWR either.

This was because I had a corrupt SD Memory Card in my camera when i got home to download the images i couldn’t get them off the card . I have sourced out options to try and obtain the images from the card and some Data extraction companies were offering too do this for me for a fee of £178.00 .  I couldn’t justify this as this event was not a paying event and wouldn’t ask the bands or PR  to pay for this and i juts have to live with this.

IO haven’t giving up and have retained the card and will try other options and hopefully sometime i will be able to extract the RAW images from the card and then have the pleasure of showing you the images .

Broken Witt Rebels play as part of the Rebels Tour at the ABC 02 Glasgow. Photo credit: Martin Bone

So i did mange to capture some of the BWR performance and you can see the images

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